Richard Cantner has worked as a Certified business consultant in Fort Piece, Florida, since 2011. He regularly meets with some 60 business clients to discuss a myriad of financial issues that come up when starting a business. Richard Cantner walks them through the entire start-up process, including securing loans, hiring employees, and instilling policies. He is also a CBCP, Certified Business Continuity Professional and also a CGBP, Certified Global Business Professional. These certifications are from world wide groups, DRI, Disaster Resource International and Nasbite.

After earning his undergraduate degree from Wilkes University, Richard Cantner began working as an industrial engineer for Carpenter Technology Corporation in Pennsylvania. He spent two decades at the company, where he worked his way up to supervisor and then production manager. During his tenure, he saved the corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars when he established a system of incentive rates.

In his spare time, Richard Cantner remains heavily involved in his church and supports the Salvation Army. He also collects cars, with his oldest automobile manufactured more than 40 years ago and running only 4,000 miles. An active individual, he loves exercising and staying in shape, which he accomplishes through swimming and bike riding daily. Mr. Cantner follows politics closely, having done so for the past 15 years.